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Thread: Scope mounts with Peep sights

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    Default Scope mounts with Peep sights

    I just purchased an older Redfield 1-piece scope mount for Rem 700 SA. I've come to much prefer peep sights to standard open sights and that combo looked like the perfect addition to a backpacking rifle in 338 Federal that I am starting to plan.

    I had a few questions that maybe one of you guys can answer. I've been told that this base will also fit Rem 600, 660 and 7, is that true? and if any of you have experience with what sort of front sight would you match with it on which lightweight barrel contour? How well have flip up peep sights worked for you if you have used them?

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    Default Re: Scope mounts with Peep sights

    Yes it will fit the other Rem. short actions but not perfectly, the holes line up but the contour does not match the receiver as well as a 700. I have one on a Rem. 600 with a redfield pop up peep added and it works well. Only downside is weight( you could grind on it if so inclined I will probably do mine) and these are inherintly not the strongest base/ring set up due to the rear screw system.

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