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45-70 Loads for Marlin 1895-Cast Bullets
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Thread: 45-70 Loads for Marlin 1895-Cast Bullets

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    Default 45-70 Loads for Marlin 1895-Cast Bullets

    OK, I have two Marlin 1895's...one Guide Gun stainless and one CB. My recent birthday has come and gone, and the net gain was a set of 45-70 dies, compliments of my ever lovin' wife. I have a couple of reloading manuals, but they are devoid of load data for cast bullets.

    I'm looking for all the input I can get on loads for cast bullets for 45-70. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

    I'm thinking of doing one light load (300 or 325 gr. cast), one medium load (405 gr. cast) and one bear stopper type load (~500 gr.cast).
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    Default Re: 45-70 Loads for Marlin 1895-Cast Bullets

    I only use 400 gr. bullets in my two .45-70 lever guns. I find that the following loads work well.

    Rem. brass
    CCI 250
    H-322-47-55 grs.
    Bullet Barn 400 hardcast from Magma molds.

    Federal brass
    same primer
    H-4198-45-50 grs.
    same bullet

    I also use the 400 Swift A-Frame and the 400 Kodiak Bonded with the above loads. The Swift tends to show excess pressures before the others and will not take the hottest loads that the cast bullets will, so, work up carefully.

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    Default Re: 45-70 Loads for Marlin 1895-Cast Bullets

    Sawtooth -

    From the Lyman 48th Ed. for Marlin 1895, cast bullets (#2 alloy), Rem. brass, Rem. 9-1/2 Large Rifle primers. I believe the bullet numbers are for Nosler(?). I'm not up on cast bullets; perhaps these designate mold numbers?

    #457191, 292 GR.
    38.0 TO 42.0 GR. XMP 5744
    = 1687 TO 1908 VEL. FPS

    #457643, 400 GR
    31.5 TO 35.0 GR XMP 5744
    = 1421 TO 1560 VEL. FPS
    (This bullit is "specifically designed for lever action rifles and gives excellent expansion when cast in a 20 to 1 alloy." (Lyman).

    #457193, 405 GR
    49.5 TO 55.0 GR VARGET (55.0 IS A COMPRESSED LOAD)
    = 1591 TO 1772 VEL. FPS

    Lyman recommends that if your Marlin has Micro-Groove rifling, "bullet alloy should be at least 15bhn and velocities should remain below 1,600 feet per second if cast bullet accuracy is to be acceptable..." (Lyman).

    Sorry, nothing for 500 grain.


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    Default Re: 45-70 Loads for Marlin 1895-Cast Bullets

    Montana Mike,
    these are bullet design numbers. usually the mold #, but there are a few designs that have different weights in the same design. EG the 457121, can o could be available from 121 Grs to 475.
    The first three digits is the nominal bullet diameter.
    Lyman molds tend to be undersized, probably fom the pure lead hunting bullets of yore, which could bump up to bore size.
    In micro groove I needed .459 diameter for accuracy, and lyman dropped from the mold were too snall.
    One can always size bullets down with the sizer lubricator.
    There is a Lyman Cast Bullet handbook, which lists with drawings of each bullet design.
    Your 457191 and 457193, are both plain base designs, which I would only use below 1500 FPS . For higher velocities go to a gas check design.
    My old book does not list your 457643, and has all conservative loadings, compared to what you list, so there are updated editions.

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    Default Re: 45-70 Loads for Marlin 1895-Cast Bullets

    I have the CB 45/70 too, and love it. Here's my recipe for the biggest deer, black bear or moose in these parts.
    -RP cases
    -Fed 215 mag large primers
    -IMR 3031 start at 45 grains and work your way up.
    With 430gr. True Shot bullets and 45gr. of powder I was getting 1500fps. With Speer 400gr. FP's and 50gr. of powder I get 1688fps.
    I'm working on a casting lead bullets that have a softer lead in front and hard in the base. The ones my friend makes open up nice on deer and bear. I want to try one on a moose.
    Have fun.
    William Clunie
    William Clunie ~
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    Default Re: 45-70 Loads for Marlin 1895-Cast Bullets


    If you want to kill bears, stick with a bullet in the 400gr. range and run it around 2,000 fps. If it is hard cast it will still over penetrate, even at 400grs. Those faster moving bullets do a lot more terminal damge and give much more devasting (faster) kills.

    The 500+gr. bullets do less terminal damage as they are moving pretty slow and they over penetrate like crazy. With a 500gr. bullet at 1550 fps you could kill three black bears with one shot if you could line em up correctly, but you will only be drilling a 46 cal. hole--nothing more.

    I prefer to slam bears with a bit more terminal damage resulting from speed and possibly a mushrooming bullet. I've killed a couple truck loads of bears with the 45-70. The 500gr bullets will work just fine, but the 400gr bullets going faster are more devasting. Remember, bears are thin skinned critters.

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