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Thread: Tarp camping with a small stove.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woods Walker View Post
    I have always enjoyed tarp camping. Tarps are often the driest form of camping if you just take a little time for proper site location. You will dry out faster and not have that damp smelly experience so common in a nylon coffin aka tent. On this trip it rained all weekend. I stayed warm and dry. A wood stove is a great addition on ANY tarp. These small take down stoves are no heaver than a MSR white gas stove with 32 oz fuel bottle. I set up an 8x10 Equinox sil tarp in a flying A frame. The spot was sheltered from the wind so the tarp was set up high to allow more living room. Anyone thinking about getting a wood stove but is holding off because they canít afford a tipi is doing themselves a great disservice. In heavy ran I was able to cook and dry my gear. Even with a high tarp pitch the stove helped reduce the overall dampness under my tarp. Plus fooling around with the stove is just fun.

    I used my hatchet to cut down a sapling and sharpen one side. The other side was then cut flat. Used my hammer side of the hatchet to drive the long stake into the ground. A small bit of SS wire connected the pipe. The stove is then slid under the tarp.

    The flying A frame tarp uses a ridgeline rope. This helps keep the tarp from sagging and adds to stability in high winds. Note the wing nut should never be pointing out if using the stove in a tipi.

    Warm fire during a weekend of heavy rain.

    Very nice job!!! It's crazy the amount of things you can with a Tarp huh?!

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    Tarp spam? sheesh....

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    Yup spammers suck but a Kifaru stove under a tarp rocks. This was on the AT near Highpoint park. Rained so hard you couldn't hear yourself think but we had a fire. The tarp was an Equinox 10x12 setup as a Mod lean-to.


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