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Thread: Granite gear packs.

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    Default Granite gear packs.

    Anyone out own one of these.Just wondering how they compare to Kifaru.

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    Default Re: Granite gear packs.

    12 Man,

    Granite Gear makes good gear throughout their line. I have used and reviewed a couple of their small packs, the Wisp and Vapor Trail. Both get very high marks for what they are intended.

    The biggest difference between Kifaru and others is the complete funtionality for use as hunting packs. Nothing else comes close to having the features for hunting as the Kifaru packs.

    The Kifaru packs also have enough suspension to carry heavy loads of game/gear. A good example would be in comparing the Granite Gear Vapor Trail with the Siwash. The Siwash is a bit bigger at 4200 cubic inches to the Vapor Trail's 3600. For loads of 30 pounds or less, there isn't going to be a noticably difference in carrying comfort. But the VT isn't made for heavier loads while the Siwash will carry as much as you can fit in or on. 50-60 pounds in a Siwash is very comfortable and 75+ pound loads very managable.

    Granite Gear does make packs for heavier loads but again, if I were looking at a hunting pack, it would be Kifaru no question. The Kifaru packs will work fine for regular backpacking but other brands will require serious modification for optimal hunting use.

    Ed T

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