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Back from Afghanistan (again)
From: Renfield
Category: Category 1
Date: 07 Dec 2002
Time: 10:49:07 -0500
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Back from another lovely trip to the stone age. My Spike Camp pack performed perfect as usual. My military, external frame pack, broke at the right suspender. As I had my Kifaru strapped to the pack, I just reversed them and stuffed the Kifaru, then strapped the Alice Pack to the back and rested it on the chair. Using the chair, I was able to tote with no problem. The military camo cover fit over both of them no problemo. The seat is a godsend in rocky ground. I normally use the Kifaru, but as we were making a unit move from one place to another I had to have all my gear with me this time. Also, I found the Kifaru really good to use as a support when trying to sleep on a C-130. People complained they could hear me snoring over the engines even! Good job Patrick.