While the forums are still active, I'll post this here for posterity.

Ever since Kifaru discontinued the field chair, it has become a collector's item, fetching some high prices on the 2nd hand market. They have been and remain a very ingenious and practical solution to backcountry lounging, and has the added versatility of being used as a shooting mat/tripod.

I recently stumbled across a site that carries what looks to be an ultralite chair inspired by Kifaru's design, the "Qwikback UL Chair" by Litesmith. Its 2.65 oz and currently about $60.00.


I am not associated with this company, nor have I ever purchased or used this chair. Figured I'd leave the info here for anyone looking for an alternative to the Kifaru Field Chair or don't want to drop the coin that people are asking for them on the used/2nd hand market.