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    Default Claymore Gen 2 Pocket

    Gen 2 Claymore Pocket - 360 cubic inches / 5.89L - .60lbs / 12" x 8" x 4"
    Back again in a slightly smaller form is the Claymore pocket / lid. The Gen 1 pouch was a beast. It had active compression and was not only lined with Pals webbing on both sides, it was also 1000d and lined with packcloth on the inside as well. There was a velcro topped pocket, mesh pocket and sewn in slot pockets as well. This is a more updated version that falls in our current methodology of lighter gear construction.
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    When I was making the Hooligan, I had messed around with attaching the Sherman pocket as a lid. The only problem with this was that the height of the pocket bent around the top of the pack which effectively isolated the bottom contents of the Sherman pocket. To remedy this I made a shorter, squattier version and added some features that would make it work better as a lid pocket. After a while it started to have some of the same features of the old Claymore. The front of the pouch has a zippered pocket with a little bit of dimensioned space to it.
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    First, I had to keep things from spilling out of the pocket when I opened it. The Sherman's main zipper was swooped towards the zippered mesh pocket so you could get access to the contents of that pocket when the pouch was full. This made it easy for items to fall out when it was on top of the pack. So, I raised that to create a barrier and keep your headlamp in the lid when going for the Cliff bar.
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    For internal organization, there is a zippered mesh pocket that has a key lanyard. I catch hell from some of the guys for putting key hooks in everything, but I've had to deal with lost keys in the mountains before. Driving your friend 1.5 hours to his house and back because he lost his keys is stupid and avoidable.
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    On the inside front of the main compartment, there are 3 slot pockets. The outside pockets have enough room for chunkier things like GPS, locator beacons, smaller fishing lure and fly boxes or 2 Cliff bars. The middle pocket is ideal for a pocket knife, lighter, or a DMT Diafold sharpener. The pockets are topped with binding tape so pocket knife and flashlight pocket clips have something to grab onto.
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    The back of the pouch has 4 tabs for using it as a lid. This pouch will go on any of our packs that can accommodate a lid (and probably some that usually can't, you guys are a creative bunch). Included with each Claymore that is purchased on its own comes a Guide lid kit (4 k-clip straps, 4 Male dual-adjust SR buckles, 4 Split tail Female SR buckles and 4 pieces of One-Wrap Velcro strap keepers) and 2 long Malice clips. This will make it attachable to almost everything. The Pals webbing layout is two sets of three fields, 8 columns wide. The idea for this is you can use either 2 Long malice clips or 4 Short malice clips, depending on where it's going.
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    The Claymore pocket will be coming in all our standard colors, solids are $65 and camo's are $75. They will come standard and included with every Hooligan along with 2 Long Malice clips in case you want to put it on the front of the Hooligan. You can also use the lid straps to secure the Claymore at the bottom of the Hooligan if you are going to use a different lid. At 360 cubic inches, this can make a pretty well stocked First Aid or Essentials kit for your car or truck and can be press-ganged into service as a small fishing pack using Kclip straps as a shoulder strap.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email or PM me here. Thanks for looking!
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