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Thread: 500D Organizer Conversion & E&E Mods

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    Default 500D Organizer Conversion & E&E Mods

    Jayson here and today was a snow day, so school was cancelled. So I went into the basement and decided to perform sewing "surgery". Now I love Kifaru kit and like many of you have quite the "collection". My favourite Kifaru kit is definitely my E&E. I have two of them - one for military/outdoor activities and one for civie/urban activities. Originally I had bought a 500D Organizer and for a time was happy with it. Then every so often, it would become unattached. While I never came close to losing it, having to inspect my bag was annoying. I only bought the 500D as Kifaru no longer makes the 1000D model. So today, I decided to conduct "surgery" and transform my Organizer into a MOLLE version. I am please to say the operation was a success! Then I looked at the Chamber pocket and decided, it too needed to be modded as I use it primarily to hold my sunglasses. So I found some fleece and voila! I now have a fleece sunglass case inside my E&E. I then got a bit creative and put on new paracord zipper pulls (influenced by GORUCK) and put some paracord on my carry handle. I also made a custom laptop sleeve that is based on the Chamber Pocket and lined it as well with fleece. So my Chromebook can ride safely in my E&E. Finally, four web dominators and my E&E and GTG.
    This summer, I am hoping to get around to making a couple Skinny Minnie pouches. Hopefully I will find some time.

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    Default Re: 500D Organizer Conversion & E&E Mods

    Now re-purpose those 3 bar sliders. They're handy hardware. Instead of hooking your organizer, use the ribbon to lock it onto PALS web to put a field-expedient buckle on each side above and below and give vertical compression, for example. MilSpec Monkey's been sold out of them for a while. (I'd like to have about 20 on hand, will eventually for projects)

    There are comments/threads in this forum about connecting organizers with them, (how to so they don't fall off) and even youtube videos.
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    Default Re: 500D Organizer Conversion & E&E Mods

    I love that organizer mod!

    I wish I had the skills as I do not trust the 500d organizer to ride on the face of my packs anymore. I put it where the chamber pocket hangs.

    Nice work!

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    Excellent mod! I think molle provides a far more rigid and secure platform than the 3 bar sliders they use now. Well worth the small extra weight. I miss the days when Kifaru had pockets for every need; padded chamber pockets, every size of interior pocket, various long pockets. Now they have...nothing. The Tombstone may work as a holster but it is too small to be very useful as a side pocket; and the Sherman is too big for side of smaller packs.

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