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Thread: Water bottle pockets on 14r?

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    Default Water bottle pockets on 14r?

    Has anyone modded a 14r to have slash style bottle pockets?

    Thatís my only gripe about the bag, some simple bottle pockets would make it perfect. So Iím thinking I will build, or commission, some that go low near the back panel, higher towards the daisy chain. Like what you see on seek outside/backpacking packs.
    Big enough to hold a couple smart water bottles, nalgene or whatever.

    Anyone done something similar?

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    Default Re: Water bottle pockets on 14r?

    I've wanted to add these to other packs, Tailgunner, Scout, Molle Express, I've started emailing Adam Podleski at Rugged Stitching, but have been too distracted to follow up. My notion was to do something similar to what were on the Loco, but obviously smaller. Basically flat when empty, folding out as the compression is loosened to hold a bottle.

    For the 14'r, you're limited to the 4 attachment points per side, for the pack's I listed, there are more places to attach the bottom, top and a mid compression strap. The spacing on the 14'r strikes me as being the same as what's needed for an Organizer (4 rows of webbing, with 3 channels between in height) which should be plenty tall enough to hold a bottle. Pics of the 14'r with belt pouches I think spin me into more questions, and have me doubting that assumption, and thinking that it's not nearly as wide as the organizer.
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