Looking to trade this ideally, but would also sell it. It looks to figure up to about $900 worth of tools if bought new. Figure with wear and tear and the fact that the 10mm socket is not the right one (It's a medium depth rather than a full depth) I'd put the trade value at a solid $500+.

They don't make these magnetic trays anymore, and I think they alone command a handsome price.

What I have:

11pc Flank Drive Deep Socket Set . 7/8 to 1/4.
Magnetic Tray for the above

12pc Flank Drive Deep Socket Set 19mm to 8mm (with a medium depth 10mm)
Magnetic Tray for the Above

Snap-on F872MP Multi Position Swivel Head Ratchet 3/8 Drive . (These alone are going for $180 used on Ebay)

Snap On Knurled Head Extensions: 11, 6, 3 and 1 inch.

Snap-on A1mf Adapter

Snap-on F50CSA Socket Driver (Like a screwdriver)

Not shown:
Snap-On 10, 9, 8, 7, 5, 4 3/8" hex bit drivers

Looking for:
Gossman, AS, AA Forge, Big Chris, Survive, CPK, Lon Humphry knives in 3V or 4V.
HPG Aston House Back Country in Black, or Foliage/Manatee or Ranger Khaki
HPG Ute (Same colors)
Triple Aught Design Axiom 24
Kifaru Eastern Ruck
Xlong Xtra Wide Topquilts or down sleeping bags (USA Made)
3/4 Person Tent
XXL or 3XL Tall Clothes (Especially looking for wool or waxed Canvass, motorcycle gear too)

I can take more photos if someone is interested, just throwing it out there before I flea-bay it all.

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