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    Has Kifaru ever considered an epipen holster? I recently had to start carrying one, and while I know where it is, it would be nice for an external pouch, obviously marked, where someone else could find it.

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    Blue Force Gear makes their "ten speed" pouch in a variant sized for a MP5 magazine. I think an epi-pen would slide quite nice into one of those. Also, we used a pouch to externally mount raido antennas in the army that may offer a slim pouch too. Try googling 'antenna relocation pouch".

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    Check out the Auvi Q epinephrine autoinjector. My daughter has a nut allergy, we're quite familiar with EpiPens. The Auvi Q is an equivalent product from a different company...same drug, but improved autoinjector system. It's also considerably smaller than the EpiPen. You could drop 2 into half the space needed for a pair of EpiPens.
    We've switched. They're also cheaper.

    You could even adapt a cell phone pouch to carry them.



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