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    Evening gents. Hope all is well. i know what i am posting is tree stand/ blind hunting related. i am just looking for advice. maybe some of you have been in my shoes before.
    As my hunt approaches, i am going through my gear and making sure everything is good to go. I started to visualize myself in the elevated box blind and started to think how would i rest my rifle for a shot. so i started to research and came up with some ideas. first is bog pod tripod shoot sticks. second would be Protektor Model Owl Ear Stradle Bag to rest over the window. Last would be a legitimate tripod with a pig saddle to support the rifle.
    what would you suggestions be? all advice is welcome.

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    Lots here stand/blind hunt.

    kmassaro does a fair bit of that down in Texas, and is a big fan of the shooting sticks, but even grabbing a window frame is better than nothing. My daughter shot her deer last year out of a double stand, leaning her rifle forend on the rail. Just don't rest the barrel. (I've learned, barrel harmonics get squirrelly I guess, it also didn't work with my X-Frame S&W)

    I've only shot off of bags off of the bench, can't think of an argument against them, it's more about what you're comfortable with, have you had a chance to shoot a few rounds out that stand or one similar?
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    thanks for the reply.

    i am leaning towards getting some bags with ears just for a more stable platform. i have leaned the rifle on a tree stand frame before. the tripod idea seems like an extremely stable platform but i am thinking it might be overkill. i have never used shooting sticks before. i imagine there is a learning curve for the tripod and shooting sticks.

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    How far are your shots? Farthest I ever shot anything from one of those blinds was about 300 yards, back in the pre-rangefinder days. In box blinds, we always used the window opening, and padded it. When I hunt out of a blind now, it's almost always archery, so that would be no help. Shooting sticks and the like don't fit well in the closed spaces, and have the added disadvantage of being a source of noise. If I used sticks, it would be a bipod as a back support together with the windows. And I'd wrap a bunch of it in foam and tape to keep the noise down.

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