Hi all! Here are the particulars for the upcoming Kifaru Colorado Backcountry Rendezvous for 2018. This has been an annual tradition for probably 10 years now (I'll have to check my journals to be sure), and it has always been a very enjoyable weekend. Our traditional weekend is sandwiched between the end of archery big game season and the beginning of the first big game rifle season. Small game is in season (snowshoe hares, pine squirrels, blue grouse, marmots) and the trout are still hungry!

The rondy campsite is located in south-central Colorado wilderness at an elevation of approximately 10,500 feet. It requires driving on county gravel roads and two-track 4WD Forest Service jeep trails to the trailhead. At that point it's a backpack trip approximately 4 miles up over a high pass and down into the valley where our campsite sits adjacent to a trout stream. It's inside a federally designated wilderness area, and is one of the most scenic high mountain valleys in Colorado.

Please bring your own personal shelter and food. We always dine family style and share all of the grub. We will have one communal 16-man or 24-man tipi, depending on the RSVP headcount.

Come prepared for everything from warm, sunny days and cold nights to blustery snow squalls and frigid nights. Normal highs are in the 50s and lows in the high 20s. Expect extremes outside of that.

Dates: October 6-7, 2018 (advance party will arrive on Friday, October 5th)
Location and details: PM me an RSVP and I will send additional info

For RSVP, please PM me with the following:
Phone Number

Thanks, and we hope to see you in the backcountry in October!