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Thread: Kifaru Colorado Backcountry Rendezvous 2018!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mannsbuick View Post
    The trout and that ribeye steak was delicious!!! My son Tristan had a BLAST!!!!! He already wants to know where and when the winter Rondy is gonna be lol.. Thanks Rob for making us feel welcome and for being our personal chef!
    I'm glad you made it, not a short trip for sure, and gutsy to stay through the weather that blew in, mostly because of the road out.

    Patrick, I need to bug you about moose hunting info, would love to do this, am about 8 years into applying here in CO, Lou Who got into a fight with a bull in July that ran into my camp up about 2 miles from Beartrack Lakes (a long way from water though). Based on the number of close encounters I have with moose, I'm surprised that drawing a tag here hasn't happened yet....
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    Hey Rob! my son and I are coming back next month on the 8th!!! We are hoping the weather won't be too bad, but we have bomber gear so not too worried Paul (sawtooth) has been awesome with keeping us updated on the weather...gonna pack much lighter this time lol We will be there until the evening of the 12th.

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