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Lock & Load Pockets
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Thread: Lock & Load Pockets

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    Hi. Does anybody know if the current Lock 'n' Load pockets; #7 and #11 will fit on a X-Ray or E&E. Either inside or Outside. In the reviews people talk about the #10 which seems like the right fit but may be discontinued. It may be the whole line has been chopped and they are just selling off what is left in stock.

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    Kifaru have said both these will fit inside and outside an E&E.

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    Kifaru gave bad advice. The L&L #7 and #11 are too wide to be used with the E&E.

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    I thought that might have been the case so I have gone back to them for clarification. I might buy one to use as a template for someone to make me one that will fit. I think they are another line that are not longer being made but I'm only guessing.

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    I have the 11 it will fit on the outside on my E&E . It doesn't line up to anything on the inside of my E&E. I suspect belt pouches are what have superceded the L&L for good or bad.
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    They are a little big for the E&E. However, they work well on the X-Ray. I keep a #11 in the bottom of mine for a few things I don't use every day but still want available (wait belt, grab-it, umbrella, etc). It is too wide for the front panel; I use a belt pouch on the inside panel and an organizer on the outside. Although they are made for horizontal install, they should work vertically on the sides of the X-Ray. You would have to twist the 3-bar sliders to put them on, but the loops on the front of the #11 line up with the side compression straps. If they would make the #11 in RG I would buy a couple more for the outside of mine.
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    subscribed, this seems like a very interesting thread
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    I have ordered one of each and will post some pics of them with a X-Ray. never thought of running them as side pockets. Thats a great tip.

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    Mel has a video on YouTube about mounting the Lock n Loads vertically.

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    Does anyone have a Lock'n'Load #10 they want to sell?

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