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Thread: Who needs a SKEDCO?!?

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    Default Who needs a SKEDCO?!?

    Buddy shot in the leg? Need a way to hump the casualty 5 miles out? Enter the Nomad! Bleeding out? No problem, just tighten down those restraining straps and BOOM! tourniquets for the win.

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    *warning* probably not a good idea in real life.

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    Default Re: Who needs a SKEDCO?!?

    Or you could just carry my old and out of shape body up the mountain to elk hunt!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Who needs a SKEDCO?!?

    If it works; it's not a bad idea!

    The old Kifaru website had a picture just like this with a person carrying another person using his pack. Your method is better though; he can watch your six. Just use Ketamine and the casualty with be GTG.

    Take care and stay safe!
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    Interesting. Kinda of an odd place for a dryer, August 26 2017....Afghanistan?

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