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Thread: Flying with your bow???

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    Default Flying with your bow???

    For those have that have taken a flight to go on a hunt, how did you transport your bow and archery gear? I am about to book my flight soon. August 31st to Sept 7 roundtrip from Syracuse NY to Billings Montana and back. Going on an elk hunt with an Outfitter 1st week of September. I currently have an skb double bow case that is rated for airlines but it is heavy. Very heavy and big. Has anyone tried the badlands terraglide??? Or maybe the Sitka nomad? These are both super expensive 300 or 400 dollars. Kind of crazy but if it will cost that much in baggage fees then at least I will have it for next time. Suggestions??

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    I flew to Colorado last year out of Rochester NY. I purchased a Plano field locker at Field and Stream Online. I had a 20% off coupon,
    I was very happy with the case. Ended up around $180. I had no issues with damage. The case is rugged and it latches well. I tucked clothes around the cams and in any space I could fit small items. I donít think it was necessary, but it gave me piece of mind and help reduce the weight of my KIfaru Fulcrum and frame. I was a bit intimidated to fly with all that Gear but it ended up being an easy process. Have fun on your hunt.

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