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World Famous in Scandinavia
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Thread: World Famous in Scandinavia

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    Default New Sleep Systems

    Hi all.

    I have been looking at the new (?) Body Bag which I think is essentially a zippered Doobie (which is cool) and I was wondering if anyone has ever come across one of these. It's called a Jerven Bag and they come from Norway. I have family in Sweden so I have an interest in products from this part of the world (Fjallraven etc).

    It was designed for hunters glassing but has been picked up by the military for its extreme functionality. The build quality is Kifaru standard and then some. I have one and can vouch for it. The clever bit is the addition of two slots for your arms, a bit like a poncho but much better.

    Someday I might play around with modifying my Woobie along these lines for fun. Though I'd share as some members might find it interesting and of course, it is always good to hear other opinions on different types of gear. Here are some links to more info and some pictures. Enjoy.




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    I have a copy made by Arktis. Handy piece of kit.

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    The downside of course is that they are expensive but as with Kifaru you get what you pay for.

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    There is a US distributor I stumbled across a few weeks ago cant seem to find it in my history. Always was intrigued but never enough to drop coin to try out.

    I did have a Wiggys Ecotat and my thoughts were is was heavy or at least the poles were and not very practical for me at 5'10" as I could swim in it.

    Think the best combo for this sort of set up would be a HPG Serape and a Hilleberg Bivanorak. With that combo you can stay warm, dry and more or less just plop your ass down and go to sleep as you are wearing a bivy bag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Octavius View Post
    The downside of course is that they are expensive but as with Kifaru you get what you pay for.
    I see its wow

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