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Thread: WTS,WTT:Exped Synmat 7M sleeping pad

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    Default WTS,WTT:Exped Synmat 7M sleeping pad

    I used this for 2 hikes/camps but it is a little small for me (6'1"). In perfect shape and is very comfortable for side sleepers. Used with a ground cloth. I did not bottom out on this mat. I bought this based on a few videos where Aron gave it a thumbs up while reviewing other gear. Here are the specs

    Retail is around $129, sell for $95 TYD. I accept personal checks, USPS money orders, or crypto. Sorry, no Paypal.
    Might consider trade for other Kifaru gear such as a E&E, sheep tarp, CB pockets,


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    Default Re: WTS,WTT:Exped Synmat 7M sleeping pad

    Bump for a great pad and super nice guy selling it.

    I have this one and a 9m, have used them all 4 seasons on the ground, in a bivy, in a hammock, and on a cot.

    Hope you're doing well Chuck!
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