Just took the dive on a biktrix Juggernaut 1000w Ultra Ebike. I elected to get it in the Kuiu Verde camo so I can keep it hidden when I am chasing Elk on foot. Here is the full suspension version of the same Bike I am getting with the Verde Camo. this is a 1000w 165nh torque mid drive motor with a 48v 20ah battery with a range of up to 80 miles on 1 charge. I also elected for 4 piston Hydro brakes and Wren front suspension forks and Thudbuster seat post. I figured if I am going to spend this kind of money I am going to do it right. Here is what the bike will look like

Its being built as we speak I should have it after I get back from Washington in late July.

Im beyond excited about this bike.