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Anyone Ebike?
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Thread: Anyone Ebike?

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    Default Anyone Ebike?

    Just took the dive on a biktrix Juggernaut 1000w Ultra Ebike. I elected to get it in the Kuiu Verde camo so I can keep it hidden when I am chasing Elk on foot. Here is the full suspension version of the same Bike I am getting with the Verde Camo. this is a 1000w 165nh torque mid drive motor with a 48v 20ah battery with a range of up to 80 miles on 1 charge. I also elected for 4 piston Hydro brakes and Wren front suspension forks and Thudbuster seat post. I figured if I am going to spend this kind of money I am going to do it right. Here is what the bike will look like

    Its being built as we speak I should have it after I get back from Washington in late July.

    Im beyond excited about this bike.

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    Hey James,

    That's a sweet looking bike - they have come a long way since I built my e-bike in 2012 (when I was living in Steamboat Springs). I still use it as my main transportation to work and errands (my wife and I share a car... aka, I don't have a car). Probably has over 10,000 miles put on the motor and its still going strong. It used a Montague Paratrooper folding bike frame and used the Taiwan based "Cyclone Motor" 500w mid-drive kit to turn it into a e-bike. Bought the battery and management system from Ping batteries direct from China, and built it over about a week. I don't bring it on trails too much, but has worked pretty good when I did - mostly gets me to and from work nowadays.

    I want to upgrade to a more powerful motor, though. These guys have some cool looking stuff: https://lunacycle.com/

    Where in Washington are you going to be in July? Hit me up if you're in Tacoma area to hang and have some beers. You could check out the bike, too.
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