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Thread: What happened here?

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    Question What happened here?

    Purchased an OD Green X-Ray last summer for use when hiking overseas/working abroad. Opened the box for a quick look upon receipt, looked ok, placed back in the box and taped the box up. Stored in a cabinet in the garage at home, coastal SoCal, not too hot/not too cold.

    FF a year later, brought the bag to Asia - still new/unused - and observed that two places on the carry loop appear to be fraying/pulling out (loops popping up, as pictured).

    Just wondering what happened and what caused this in an essentially new backpack. Is there any way to fix it?
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    Pass the flame of a lighter over it and melt it down. It won't take long and it's a quick fix. That webbing has a lot of life left in it and I wouldn't worry at all.

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    We had problems with the tubular webbing doing this so we have been moving away from it with tougher handle materials. Tubular webbing is some of the strongest stuff tension-wise but the outer casing does tend to fray. Kevin's suggestion of hitting it with a lighter will keep the fuzz away. It won't effect its strength unless you start burning holes through it. Shoot me an email if you have any questions.
    Eric Bender

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    I suggest a quick sale to someone who's a sucker for OD...... There are several of us lurking here....

    Kevin and Eric were quicker than me on dressing it with a lighter... Nice pack that OD X-Ray....
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    I assume there is Velcro web management on the excess material for the shoulder straps, if it is positioned hook material facing out it will do that to the webbing around it.
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