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Thread: New plastic/rubber zipper pulls?

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    Default New plastic/rubber zipper pulls?

    I've recently purchased (from Kifaru) an Urban Ruck and 2 500d organizers and all of the items came with some plastic/rubber zipper pulls instead of the classic paracord zipper pulls. After using the Urban Ruck/Oraginzer for a 2 weeks I called Kifaru and was able to buy some of the new zipper pulls for an Urban Zippy as I'm still deciding between the Urban Ruck and Urban Zippy as my EDC.

    The new plastic/rubber zipper pulls have a 'cleaner' look for EDC, but I'm not how they will hold up long term compared to the paracord zipper pulls. I trust the paracord pulls, the new pulls have a 'stretchy-ness' that I'm not sure I trust for the long term. I'm curious if Kifaru is doing a full switchover to the new zipper pulls or if this is just for the EDC items.

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    Default Re: New plastic/rubber zipper pulls?

    I just bought a wolf gray doorgunner and it still has paracord pulls.

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    Default Re: New plastic/rubber zipper pulls?

    My new Slick bag and E&E pack have the new pulls. I like them.
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