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Thread: Duplex Lite vs Hunting Frame

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    Default Duplex Lite vs Hunting Frame

    Hi -- New guy here about to place my first order for a Reckoning bag with Hunting frame when I noticed the option for the Duplex Lite frame. I emailed Kifaru and they tell me the Duplex Lite could ship in about 6 weeks which is fine for me.

    It seems like, all other things being equal, the lighter frame would be better...and I have to believe they've put there best thinking into it.

    However, I am wondering about the big gap going down the middle and how that will play with the water bladder that sits right behind the frame on the Reckoning setup. I am also leery of buying a totally new frame design that doesn't have all the field testing/validation that the Hunting frame has received over the years.

    Being new, I was hoping some of your might be able to shed some light on this. If you were to buy a new system, would you run the Duplex Lite frame?

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    Default Re: Duplex Lite vs Hunting Frame


    I've depended on Kifaru gear for 20 years. One reason is that each product I use was rigorously field tested, sometimes for years, before it is released for sale. Tested by real hunters, in real conditions, for a real long time. I know its a big step investing in Kifaru gear, but you will be so pleased and so confident. My First Tipi, purchased in 1998 was just handed down to my son, and it operates as it did on the first day i owned it. Too many adventures to count, and its still a tough, true shelter.

    Give Kifaru a call ask them about your water bladder. Kifaru pack is of the same vintage !

    Good luck....Dave
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