Hi -- New guy here about to place my first order for a Reckoning bag with Hunting frame when I noticed the option for the Duplex Lite frame. I emailed Kifaru and they tell me the Duplex Lite could ship in about 6 weeks which is fine for me.

It seems like, all other things being equal, the lighter frame would be better...and I have to believe they've put there best thinking into it.

However, I am wondering about the big gap going down the middle and how that will play with the water bladder that sits right behind the frame on the Reckoning setup. I am also leery of buying a totally new frame design that doesn't have all the field testing/validation that the Hunting frame has received over the years.

Being new, I was hoping some of your might be able to shed some light on this. If you were to buy a new system, would you run the Duplex Lite frame?