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Thread: Tactical Woodsman

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    The zxr and woodsman don't really have overlap due to the different sizes of the bags. I'm strictly talking woodsman + 22" frame > zulu or pointman

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    Once upon a time, I had a ZXR, and it was more like the Reckoning in capacity than the Woodsman.

    I have found the Woodsman on a 22in frame to be fine upgrade to the Zulu or Pointman. Similar in size, weight and capacity, the Woodsman is more scalable. It can be compressed smaller, and with spotter pockets and a Native be made bigger than the other two. Adding similar pockets to the Zulu and Pointman resulted in a larger weight increase. In addition, the Woodsman can carry a heavier load better with the frame. However, the old packs were a little more nimble when lightly loaded without the stiff frame.

    The thing I miss the most with the Zulu are the slot pockets and simplicity, but the suspension was lacking when it was loaded up. I liked the suspension on the latest generation Pointman, as It provided plenty of comfort for the loads I carry without being overly stiff. However, the bag design wasn't my favorite.

    My ideal bag for the 22in frame would be a more streamlined, 500d version of the Zulu. Until then, the Woodsman is GTG.
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