You remember that only good Star Wars movie?

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The X-ray is opened, the kid is put in from the top and her legs are sticking out of the front panel opening. So I'm not using cargo panel or cargo chair.

In the picture, the X-ray isn't yet put on in an orthodox way (I know, you purist).

At the side towards you: 75tactical EOD bag.

At the back: Zentauron Hydra Sturmgepack (connected in a special way).

In the closet at the left: Zentauron Zeus chest rig with miscelanious pouches.

Bottom left side: Carinthia sleeping bag.

I know I'm using the rucksack improper this way etc. Also be careful if you want to do the same. I don't think kids will like it for more than five minutes due to comfort.

Kid turned two last weekend. No people were hurt during the making of this photo. But animals were eaten after it.