I'm intending to buy a waterproof portable charger to take camping and use to recharge my cell phone. I'm thinking of the kind that "holds a charge" vs the solar panel models.

I'd welcome any comments or recommendations for suitable candidates based on experience.

There seem to be a number of different brands out there, and the reviews tend to be all over the place. Some reviews say the things were unreliable and failed within weeks of purchase, while other reviews for the same devices laud them as super-dependable, and the comments for the Customer-service also tend to vary widely. I'm uncertain what to conclude.

I've seen ads and a Youtube video for a brand called Dark Energy Poseidon. It seems pretty good, but there are also reviews saying it failed quickly and that it was impossible to get any responses from the company's Customer Service. I also notice that Dark Energy conspicuously fails to provide a contact phone number on their website, and that generally is a red flag. Comments? Thanks,