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Thread: Lost Park Parka

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    I'm 6 ft 165 lbs and went with a large. Like the pullover design better. I wear it over an arcteryx atom LT and tad ranger hoodie. This combo is much warmer for me than any of my other layering. I do have a hardshell that I've wore over it in hard driving rain. The removable hood is handy then.

    Find it fits very well plus is very light weight.

    It's not a Carhartt or anything but plenty durable.
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    For as cold as was for that time period yes, better then my Patagonia down puff.

    I have the half zip and wanted it to be a full zip when I bought it (before full zip came out) because I’m used to wearing puffs with a shell. Now I enjoy wearing it like an amazingly cozy “sweatshirt” when everyone else is bundled up...

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    All replies are greatly appreciated and being weighed...

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    I have both. Having the full zip makes a lot of things easier, including venting. I wore it yesterday in 15 degree weather, and was comfortably warm. And I wore it in my home, at probably somewhere between 55-60 degrees, and was also comfortable. It has a wide temp range. Darn fine jacket.

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    is the roo pocket on the half zip parka insulated?

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