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    Just kidding😆....but it would be nice to see a larger capacity bag for the 22 inch frame. What I have in mind is something similar to the USMC Filbe pack but lighter. About 5000 ci, it would have stretch bottle pockets on the lower sides, pals on the mid and upper sides, and belt pouch matrix on back. Sleep system compartment zip and a nice wide opening like AMR. Can't forget stretch hydration sleeve.
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    I second this.

    I lived out of a Xing with side pockets added for 4 days and that was a 22" frame. In the brush I like being more nimble .

    Not everyone can manage a taller frame. My 5'0" GF for instance and many small statured hunters could benefit from a larger size bag on the 22. Bother the woodsman and 22mag are comprises Imho.

    My preference would lean more towards the Mountain warrior design, top loader with dual access. Heck even a DT3 but for the 22.

    I picked up a used mountain warrior and tried to make it fit the 22 frame, but it's just too much material left over. I even tried to fold the bottom of the bag and use the metal 3-bars at the common loops midway up the frame. But this method leaves the bottom of the bag football shaped and just falls over when leaned against a wall to get in from the top, kind of a teeter totter effect. Plus you loose the delta connection.

    +1 for a larger capacity 22" frame bag.
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    Until something bigger comes along, on the 22" frame you can carry a Rambler + dry bag, a grab it + camp bag, a cargo panel + camp bag or dry bag, or a nomad + camp bag or dry bag. Lots of ways to get to the same place.

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