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    Does anyone have any pics of the shoulder harness for the sleds? Trying to figure out how it connects and looking for input if it really transfers some of the load to the shoulders.


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    Itís just a loop on each side that starts and ends at the waist belt pin. I bought one this winter but havenít used it, yet.

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    Ah, ok. Glad I asked. Maybe Iíll just make my own then. Thanks!

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    Lots of people do. I've run doubled paracord through multiple PALS channels on my omni belt with my Scout before with a snap for a quick release. I've also hitched stuff to the grab loop on my Scout and my MollEx, but that's too high for most work.

    Maybe this'll start your ride. Let us know what you come up with!!
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    Good ideas to get me started, thanks! I tried my new sled out for the first time this weekend and just wasnít digging how it rode on the hips. Would much rather the weight be distributed with the shoulders.. I understand there should be some muscle conditionng involved but still. Will definatley post what I come up with. I have an old ALICE frame that may go under the drill press for this experiment!

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