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Thread: Cylinder stove for cooking?

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    Default Cylinder stove for cooking?

    I have a box stove which I use for both cooking and heating. In order to reduce weight I am considering a cylinder stove. Is it possible to cook on a cylinder stove? I have heard that a pot of water on top of the cylinder will deform the cylinder to the point that there is efficient heat transfer and the pot will be stable without doing any harm to the stove. Has anyone tried this. For the most part my cooking is a small pot used to boil water to rehydrate my homemade dehydrated camping food. If I can't cook on the cylinder stove and have to a cooking stove I will not save much if any weight.

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    I run a Lite Outdoors stove and it uses rods that run lengthwise to hold the ends to get her. The rods also help support a pot if you want to cook on it. No idea how much weigh it would hold but a lightweight backpacking pot of water should be fine..

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    The answer is yes you can cook just fine on our cylinder stove.

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