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Thread: HPG UMLINDI Vs URBAN ZIPPY for edc/weekend non long haul use

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    Default Re: HPG UMLINDI Vs URBAN ZIPPY for edc/weekend non long haul use

    Quote Originally Posted by Pardner View Post
    Bringing in the xray to the discussion, my opinion is that an xray beats both the UZ and Umlindi for travel and longer hikes with heavier loads -- I equip it with Eagle Canteen pockets on the side (or old-school Kifaru pouches), Organizer, a HPG harness, and an old-school Omni unpadded no pals belt. Also if you do not yet know, the current version xray has added capacity (height) compared to the G1 and early G2s. I keep the UZ because it is very useful for the quick and light and dirty (e.g. no belt, lighter, built in pockets, excellent top pocket, open three ways with pockets under each opening).
    Pardner brings a lot of good points about the X-Ray that mostly apply to the Marauder. The added capacity (2,500ci vs the X-Ray's 2,000ci) adds utility over the X-ray in my view, more of a good thing except it lacks the top pocket. (The X-Ray I had was a G1, and I *think* was only 1,800ci) There's some things that I do with the Marauder that I just can't with any of the other packs, it's my goto pack for non-camping weekends, I can add LOTS of capacity with up to 4 long pockets. (I'll admit, that's a little crazy) All of my son's Estes Rocket stuff fits along with water, food, FAK, cones (to keep excited 7-11 year olds out of where they shouldn't be). Also lock & load pockets mount well inside the pack. It's hard to argue against those panel loaders for easy access, although the Marauder is gone, a used one's worth considering.

    As far as the current lineup, Antero (1,500ci, same as the Urban Zippy) X-Ray (2,000 ci), and Tarryall (3,200 ci) would be what I'd look at. Cinched down, the Tarryall seems very compact but REALLY explodes if you need, and it has a LOT of cool organization that's there whether it's compressed or not. A 22 Mag *could* fit this list too, but, it needs a frame. It's design flows from the X-Ray and the Xing, so a used Xing is probably worth researching too, it has it's own suspension, no frame needed.
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    Default Re: HPG UMLINDI Vs URBAN ZIPPY for edc/weekend non long haul use

    Bought a UZ - fingers crossed it's what I need.

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