Given Kifaru have deleted these and many of us use pals packs, and may have been caught a little off guard with their demise from the range; any chance of a limited period of getting hold of them to complete our wants? They are practically impossible to find second hand on the usual forums, and virtually impossible if you live outside the States (no one wants to ship there), and I seriously feel my Kifaru gear is half built without them being available any more. None of the recent pocket replacements are the same and don't do it for me personally, I want something tough as nails built in 1000D and attaching with malice clips. I've wasted a bit of money on other manufacturers not finding anything remotely close; it would be kinda cool to not waste any more money doing this, especially the other side of the pond taking a beating on customs for gear that's useless to me.

Kifaru: I will never get my head around why you deleted these guys from your range. From all I can see on the internet a lot of people are as seriously perplexed as I am. Sure, they may have not sold off the shelves, but they were a legendary gear item and precious to quite a few of us, so I wouldn't have been offended if you slapped on a 'hassle making them $$' charge. To make them simply unavailable just makes me frustrated and bitter. And I am seriously pissed off about this.

But never angry