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Thread: WTB: Lift Kit for Mystery Ranch Nice Frame

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    Default WTB: Lift Kit for Mystery Ranch Nice Frame

    Want to buy lift kit for mystery nice frame. Frame size is medium if that matters. Would take any color but would prefer coyote brown. Thanks.

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    Default Re: WTB: Lift Kit for Mystery Ranch Nice Frame

    Just bought one from Rampart, (thanks Ransom for the tip) glad I did, they're out now. (that was the MR version) OV Innovations made one too, they're also out, and I talked to Adam Teeter there, he said they won't be making more.

    The Guide Light frame looks like it's already got this tweak made, but I don't have first hand experience with that one, and only really limited experience with the NICE/lift kit.

    Let me know if you go the DIY route and need some pics, I can lay a steel ruler next to it...
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