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    Is the Tombstone pouch big enough to carry a full size Glock 22?

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    There was a review by someone with a G22, his holdup was that it wouldn't fit with an attached light.

    From Mikel Mazlaghani of Gainesville, Florida on 4/17/2017.

    I found that using their pistol holster and magazine attachments holds a Glock 22 (full frame) pistol.

    It just barely clears the Glock. I was disappointed to find out that it was not large enough to hold my G22 with a SureFire X300 attached. No matter how many different ways I tried mounting the holster, it simply would not zip closed.

    Tip: Turn the tombstone inside-out to mount the holsters easily, as it only zips down 80% of the way.
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    My 19 with XRC1 is extremely tight fit.
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