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Thread: Kifaru Duffle replacement!

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    Default Kifaru Duffle replacement!

    Hey I think I may have found a replacement (same exact thing) for those folks that are looking for something that will fill the void in Kifarus’ discontinued duffle line. They are veteran owned and made in Colorado check them out at They also make some awsome pull outs and a few pouches, one of which is almost identical to the discontinued gps pouch. I have purchased some pullouts and the xs duffle and the quality is awsome and I had them in my hands in 3 days!

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    Eric Lynn (proprietor of Mountain Ridge Gear) used to do contract sewing for Kifaru. They ARE the same. Eric's a great guy and is a forum member as well. (gonehuntn or something similar..)
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    Eric makes some top-quality gear and is a top-quality guy. I've bought a few now discontinued items from him and they were very well built.
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