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Pointman fit
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Thread: Pointman fit

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    I need some expert advice. I plan on doing some training with my Pointman and I tried it on so I could adjust the fit. I have to say that it feels “off”. It seems like it is sitting too low and that the belt isn’t taking enough of the weight.
    The pack was bought used so it wasn’t fitted for me. Am I doing it wrong, or does the pack sit that low?
    Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Pointman fit

    I do not own a Pointman but I do own a Scout and from what I see it seems you don't have the belt tight enough. Also it doesn't look as if you have the delta straps snugged up tight and maybe the belt should sit a bit higher. When I put on my Scout I get it settled where it should sit on my back, pull the belt really tight (you can always back it off a tad if it isn't comfortable) and then pull the delta straps as tight as they will go, it will just seem to suck into your back. Your pack should sit just like mine and that is with zero sag or movement in the lumbar region. Other's may have better input but I hope this helps you.

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    Snakey's correct about the belt and the delta straps. Also your torso length is too long, even before getting the belt where it should be. (see the gap behind your shoulder blades)

    Once you've got those issues addressed, the lifter straps on top of the shoulder straps can be tightened to pull the top of the pack in so the stays are vertical and shifting weight to the belt.

    I've got a Pointman, I frequently put 2 olympic 25# plates in so weight is spread along the stays then 2 USGI intermediate cold weather bags and a Camelbak on top of that, comfortable, but I don't go fast.

    This may help too:
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    That pack is definitely too low. Getting it to fit right will take some and probably involve some frustration, but once you get it right it’s all worth it.

    Undo your lumbar pad and shorten the shoulder straps by pulling the excess webbing through the tri-glides. As you shorten the length of the shoulder straps it will raise the pack as you wear it.

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    Default Re: Pointman fit

    Start with the waist belt. The bottom of the waist belt should be above your hip bones, tighten as far as you can. Adjust everything else to match as said above. IN practice, tighten in that fashion with weight, and let the pads sink down a bit, so that the pad is about 40% on your hips and 60% above.

    If this doesn't work, call the shop.

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