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Thread: Thanksgiving morning Canned Food Drive + hike @ Green Mountain

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    Default Thanksgiving morning Canned Food Drive + hike @ Green Mountain

    Swiped from Kifaru International's Facebook post on 11/19:

    Thanksgiving Morning Hike & Food Drive
    Kifaru International and the Colorado Backpack Cardio Group will be hosting a Thanksgiving morning hike and Food Drive.
    The idea is to trade in the weight we normally have in our backpacks with Thanksgiving Food to be donated. Acceptable food donations include non-perishable canned goods and prepackaged foods (preferred), fresh turkeys, packaged pies, fresh packaged foods and drinks. We cannot donate frozen turkeys, precooked foods (home baked) or any expired goods. More delicate items can be dropped off beforehand in lieu of putting them in the backpack if desired. We will be collecting the food in the parking lot after the hike. Hike begins promptly at 8:00 am and all food should be dropped off in the parking lot BEFORE 10:00 which is when the food will be departing for delivery. Food donations will go to the Denver Rescue Mission and Military Families in need.
    The hike will begin at the “Fire Road” parking lot off Rooney Road North of Alameda, and continue in a loop through Green Mountain Open Space. You’re encouraged to bring friends, neighbors, dogs, etc. Bring a backpack if you have one and put your food in it for your hike if you want a little more workout. If not, you can donate any food beforehand and enjoy some excersise before your Thanksgiving meal! We are expecting a fairly good turnout and the parking lot can get full at times with other bikers and hikers etc. so be prepared to park where ever you can and show up early!
    There will be a few surprises from Kifaru at the end of the hike!
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    Default Re: Thanksgiving morning Canned Food Drive + hike @ Green Mountain

    What a great way to give, great exercise and great company. Wow...wish I could be there!

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