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Thread: Looking for suggestions at a nice EDC bag

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    Default Looking for suggestions at a nice EDC bag

    Good morning all.

    I use a messenger bag now for EDC while I'm at work and such but I would love to find a nice backpack in the 25-30 liter range to use for myself. So I was looking for suggestions on what you guys use or recommend is good/decent.

    I have a laptop but it's around 15.6" (asus GL502VS) and fairly thick as it's a gaming laptop also that I use. But I plan on buying a MBP in the next couple months. I was thinking of the antero because I LOVE the look of it but hear mixed reviews about no padding and that its lacking in the organization dept. Tom Bihn synapse 25 and the MR urban assault is another I have looked into.

    I have an oakley kitchen sink pack (34L) that I use for my laptop most times or more things so I want to keep the size small on this new pack as I want to carry it around on vacation with my 6 year old boy.

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    Default Re: Looking for suggestions at a nice EDC bag

    I use an Antero but carry my MacBook in a padded envelope like case.

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    GoRuck GR1. I love mine for 90% of everything I need to do with a normal backpack. Lots of travel, lots of miles stomping around with it on my back. I just with they made the exact same bag in a 35 liter version, and I don't mean a GR2. It holds a lot for such a low profile pack.

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