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Thread: Kifaru Pouches/Pockets 500d, 1000d

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    Default Kifaru Pouches/Pockets 500d, 1000d

    Kifaru Pouches/Pockets

    Still for Sale:

    B. Multicam (1000d) long pockets x2 (85.00 shipped)

    H. Multicam (1000d) medium side pocket (40.00 shipped)


    A. SOLD Coyote (1000d) long pockets x2 (80.00 shipped)

    C. SOLD Coyote (1000d) skinny minis x2 (65.00 shipped)

    D. SOLD Coyote or Multicam (1000d) organizer (45.00 shipped for 1)

    E. Multicam (1000d) small side pocket x3 (60.00 shipped)

    F. SOLD Mandrake (500d) medium dock pocket (30.00 shipped)

    G. SOLDMandrake (500d) Large side pocket (45.00 shipped)

    I. SOLD Multicam (500d) medium belt pouch (25.00 shipped)

    J. SOLD Coyote (1000d) stash it pocket (rare) (35.00 shipped)

    K. SOLD Foliage (1000d) Back Pocket (rare) (50.00 shipped)

    Payment PayPal gift or add 2% to price (I'll split the 4% difference), USPS money order), check.*

    Shipment: After payment clears will be either USPS or FedEx.

    No trades please

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    Default Re: Kifaru Pouches/Pockets 500d, 1000d

    Sent a pm on skinny minis over on Rokslide, i'll take them

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    Default Re: Kifaru Pouches/Pockets 500d, 1000d

    as if

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    Default Re: Kifaru Pouches/Pockets 500d, 1000d

    I'll take "J" Coyot Stash-It pocket. PM me your PP addy. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Kifaru Pouches/Pockets 500d, 1000d

    Ill take D three multicam pockets for $60 and E multicam organizer

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    Default Re: Kifaru Pouches/Pockets 500d, 1000d

    Iíll take A the pair of coyote long pockets for $80 pm me your PayPal address if they are still available, thanks.

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