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Thread: 1000d organizer pocket

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    Default 1000d organizer pocket

    Is this pocker being discontinued? I have been waiting to see it released in ranger green but no luck yet. I am impartial to the 1000d or 500d but I want malice clips for this pocket. I keep too many valuables in it to have the 500d attachment system fall off my bag.

    Any chance we can have some 500d pockets made with malice clips?

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    I too wish the RG organizer was available in Malice version. I understand that the fabric itself isn't available in 1000d but that doesn't preclude a 500d malice version as you suggest.

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    I'm always having to thread the 3-bar sliders back in on mine. Love it, but, hate it. (and, yes, I've seen Mel's video about how to thread 3-bar sliders through PALS) Good thing tiny zip ties are a thing.. My Malice version just stays put, hasn't moved since I put it on, and I carry that pack (Antero) every day. (granted, it's on a beavertail pack, my non-Malice is on my Scout, so, not a flat surface)
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