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Thread: Rifle in a quandry???

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    Default Rifle in a quandry???

    anyone tried to stick a compact mountain rifle in the quandry's outer pouch.

    ultralight bolt gun with a 16-18" barrel (6lbs all up with ammo and sling) it looks like it can be sandwiched in there pretty good.

    any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Rifle in a quandry???

    I had a broken down AR pistol in my Quandary yesterday for range duty, but it was in the main compartment. The bag is only 21" tall and that pocket is maybe 18" tall. That's going to leave quite a bit of rifle exposed (and above your head). Plus I would imagine you would get a bunch of sway from the pack with the rifle on the back like that. The basic waist strap won't be up to the task of stabilizing that. I don't think it would be the best system.
    Eric Bender

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