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    Hi all, I was lucky enough to pick up a free MR during a sale earlier in the year. Itís a nice pack, nice size and I had half a mind to sideline my Xing and alternate the MR and Markhor as required on the frame. However the MR is just too strappy, compression straps for the bag then compression straps to the frame. Is there a solution to just mounting the bag tight on the frame? My rucksack Lego skills are usually quite good but none of the clip/buckle variations are that great.

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    Agreed. If they make a new version with a frame sleeve mount and fold over lid I'd be on it like a spider-monkey!

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    Scoman, I also picked one up, and have messed around with it a bunch to try to get it solid. Still experimenting, but the few things I can offer now are:

    - There are some great threads over at Rokslide that show some pics of how people have tweaked the attachment points and hardware for a better carry.
    - You don't need to run compression straps across the front of the bag - the version I was sent just runs them from the side of the bag back to the frame. Of course, this means you don't get compression all around the bag, but that's the case with other models also. However, if you wanted complete compression, you can just run a full-length compression strap from one side of the frame to the other, with an SR buckle in the middle. Aron's video of the 22 Mag talks about these kinds of options.
    - The main issue I have with the Rambler is that the load shelf is not secured to the frame up the sides. It is possible to remedy this with some extra k-clips (if they ever come back in stock!), but that takes away from it being quick-detach when you want to use the load shelf.
    - The load shelf has a second set of attachment points higher up, which look like they'd marry up perfectly to the tactical frame. I'm vavering on buying a tactical frame purely to see if I can get the Rambler to sit a little tighter - but that's a high price to pay.
    - Getting a lid to work well is proving a challenge ... will keep experimenting.

    Oh, and last I heard from Kifaru, they weren't planning on re-issuing the Rambler any time soon ... this is the main reason I keep holding on to mine, and trying to find out how to finally get it to run right.

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    I'm tempted to send mine to native textiles and see if the can sew in a frame sleeve.

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