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Thread: Quandary replacement?

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    Default Quandary replacement?

    As i am new to Kifaru, and not truly familiar with all of their offerings, i am looking for a replacement for my Quandary. I believe i want the same functionality, but in something larger. As a little background, I hunt with either a Fulcrum or a Reckoning, depending on the size i need. I purchased the Quandary, primarily for bike rides, hikes and trips with my family. i normally throw waters, snacks and jackets in it and become the Mule for the family. On most hikes, i end up carrying out more weight than i start with due to my son's ever growing rock collection. I have found that the Quandary is just a little small. I do like the straps/belt on it and did not want to use my tactical frame with a larger bag, due to the size and not being able to use it during simple bike riding and small trips.
    I have read many posts and it seems there may be a new round of 'tactical' bags coming, does anyone know if there will be anything that will fit my needs?
    With this information, what direction would you point me?
    Thanks for any information given.

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    Default Re: Quandary replacement?

    I suggest appealing to Kifaru for a Scout. While it's marked as "discontinued", they've done at least one additional run of Scouts since that initial announcement. It's 1,300 cubic inches, so similar volume, and easily expandable beyond that using its straps to lash or PALS grid. I use mine for cycling, hiking with Cub Scouts, archery/treestand/small game hunting, fishing, and have used it for EDC. With an Omni Belt, it's great on a bike, not shifting around and not affected by the forward lean inherent in cycling, as the delta straps can be easily adjusted. I've carried a 3 liter hydration system for typical use, and have carried 5 of them full on trips to the creek to make water. I've used mine as a lid on my Duplex, Pointman, and ZXR.

    If you struggle finding a Scout, and without further mention from Eric (who I believe designed the Quandary and the Native both with cycling usage being a primary design consideration) recommendation #2 is a Bison Gear Lost River. Widowshooter has one, it's US made, and not much like anything else you'll find, but, may be a bit bushcrafty for some. With its expandable game bag, it converts from day pack to a meat hauler for that first trip out, and also seems to work well with a bow. (At least Widowshooter didn't shoot any worse with it....)
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    Default Re: Quandary replacement?

    There are plenty of scouts out there; no need for an additional run as they are often for sale in the secondary market. Also, the scout may not fit quite right when riding a bike as I would think you wouldn't want a big belt, but I could be wrong.

    The zippy isn't that much bigger, but may fit your needs. If you need a little more room you can look at the 14er which can be run with or without a belt depending on your uses.

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    Default Re: Quandary replacement?

    Depending on how much bigger you need to go, you're looking at the Zippy or an XRay. They are both exceptional packs. If you go with a Zippy the added framesheet is necessity IMO.

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