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    As a rule all are welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FS38 View Post
    Who all can attend these gatherings?
    If they'd let me in, they'll take pretty much anybody. They're a fun time with a lot of like-minded folks. There are a few of us up in Washington and Oregon who sporadically do them too. They're a little more selective. (I ain't been out there, yet!)
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    Ah F7, you're eloquence was refreshing this early morning! 'Tis true...as with the mountain men of old, we've done some migrating, moving farther away from the ant farm that is the Front Range. We have a great spot...a more remote spot...where the deer and antelope play (and the elk, coyotes, mountain lions, turkeys, bears, etc.). We Colorado Kifaruites also have a hike-in backcountry rondy (a backpack affair) which may just find it's way south and west as well from the old location. This time to find better fishing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flamingo 7 View Post
    Where they could shoot and sing.
    LOL flamingo!!

    But sing??
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