Hello all,

This may be a stupid question, but is there even the slightest chance that the Kifaru Ultralight Packs may ever return to the kifaru lineup? Or possibly a small limited run of KU5200 packs, KU Koalas, or KU accessory pockets/pods. I am a younger guy that got into Kifaru a few years ago and have always been interested in the Ultralight packs the Patrick had designed, but a little to late it seems. From my readings it seemed that Patrick put a lot of time into the KU designs, but they didn't last the test of time. I love the quality of Kifaru made gear and have 7 packs ranging from the smallest day packs like the Koala, tailgunners and scout up to the large duplex frame with numerous packs for hunting and backpacking. However, the quality of the KU E&E and some of the long pockets which I've gotten off of the trading post are amazing and very functional in my opinion. If the older KU packs had flaws, would there ever be possibilities of upgraded KU packs, possibly stuff that will works with current kifaru frames? I guess these questions are mainly directed to the Kifaru staff, but would like the thought process of other forum members. I might just be one of a few people wondering this.