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Finally thinking about pulling the trigger.

Looking at the following

Reconing pack
Ultralite composite frame

Anyone running this?

Any disadvantages to the ultralight frame VS the regular hunter frame?

Total weight is about 6 pounds which has me slightly concerned. Thats a heavy starting weight.
No experience with the ultralight frame, but have owned 24" and 26" duplex. From what I've heard, the newer frames are even more comfortable, but I struggle to see how that could be possible. North of 6 lbs including a lid, well, once you put it on, empty, you won't notice it. It'll feel 20 lbs lighter when you load it up.. I freak out about pack weight when I pick them up, then, I get everything cinched, and have that moment when I feel lighter than I expected. The suffering begins when the legs & lungs have to move, but my shoulders, hips, and back feel fine. Your mileage will vary...