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Thread: Future Limited Runs

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    From web archives via Wayback machine

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    Might want it if I get rid of my old old one.

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    I would love to see some of the discontinued tactical pouches, namely liter plus and stash-its, return to the line-up!


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    Agreed we are many that are looking for pockets at the moment. Long pockets and claymores are over 100 usd on Ebay now. I honestly dont think this is fair for the community. I will obviously give Kifaru future action but at the moment i cannot get pockets for the packs i have making the incomplete. I mean a final run is it to much to ask for?

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    I'd love to a pair of CB stash-its. Just picked up a black one here on the forums recently but it doesn't meet our color regs so it'll stay on my zippy instead of my main bag (x-ray) where I really want it.

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