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height of stove pipe??
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Thread: height of stove pipe??

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    Default height of stove pipe??

    i have a seek outside tent along with a kifaru stove. went exploring up to the high country again on the weekend and during a severe wind storm, my stove pipe got blown/folded over by the wind. this is the second time this has happened and both times i was lucky that i was able to get the stove pipe out of the tent without melting anything. a few seconds of excitement followed by a few minutes of cussing. after all the damage was surveyed, there were a few creases along with tiny holes in the pipe as a result of being folded over. my questions are: 1) is there some type of fireproof tape that i could stick onto the pipe so it doesn't loose integrity and put out heat to melt the tent fabric? 2) do other people stake out the stove pipe so they are harder to fold over in strong winds? and, 3) how much stove pipe should be sticking out above the tent. have enclosed a pic of the tent with stove pipe sticking up on the last of the 3 attached photos

    as an aside, i was using the yellow plastic 10 inch tent pegs and because the ground was still frozen, i was able to get the tent peg into the ground only about 2/3rds of the way in. about an hour after the wind storm started, 5 of the tent pegs all snapped off at the same time at the base of where they were sticking out of the ground. another few minutes of cussing while we tried to restake the tent down before it blew away. will be looking at using metal army pegs now from an arctic winter tent i had used previously. too much excitement for an old man like me....good thing i brought some medicinal spirits along....

    thanks for your replies

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    Default Re: height of stove pipe??

    Do you have the braided metal rings spaced every 12-18" or so? I'm surprised it bent over but it looks like you've got some room to work with if you feel like trimming it down. I personally like about two feet above the highest portion of the tipi and spark arrestor screens. I learned the latter the hard way as I've got about 20 pin holes in my 8 man!

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    Default Re: height of stove pipe??

    I am not sure on recommended height above the shelter but from your pictures it looks like it is way to high. From best I can tell 3' to 4' above the highest point of the shelter should suffice. I am not an expert and I have never run a stove in my shelter this is just from observation of others.


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    Default Re: height of stove pipe??

    Even without knowing your question was about the pipe, the first thing I would have noticed and thought to myself is that pipe is sticking up super high compared to mine.

    I think the stove jack/pipe intersection would act like a fulcrum and the extra long pipe is giving the wind a torque advantage given its length, causing it to buckle over.

    If it was my kit, I'd either cut the pipe or get a shorter one.

    The picture I posted is a 4-man with a medium stove. I have never had the pipe bend over the way you are describing.
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